Bilbao and Basque Country Archive

The BEST of Bilbao, Spain

Fanfarronear. /fan.faʀˈaɹ/ V. Language: Spanish. Meaning: To brag, to boast. Bilbao has much to fanfarronear about: an epic coastline, pintxos, the strongest economy in Spain, cider, cheese, a famous modern art museum, a competitive futból team, and some good-looking gents, to name a few.  After nine months as an ...Read More

Day Trip to Lekeitio

Lekeitio is a small coastal city situated on the Bay of Biscay, about an hour from Bilbao (55 km). It’s written up in the guidebooks as an attractive tourist destination, particularly in the summer, but it doesn’t feel overrun. It has charming cobblestone alleyways, ...Read More