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Keeping Perspective

No te preocupes. /no te pɾe.o.ˈku.pas/ Language: Spanish. Meaning: Don’t worry. Easier said than done. We all have those days when self-doubt creeps in. Days when we wonder if we’re doing our best, or even just good at all. When we wonder if that waiter was laughing ...Read More

Bigotry and Poor Pronunciation

After hearing my students struggle with the difficult pronunciation of English “-ed” words (listen to the three different ending sounds of “cleanED,” “askED” and “acceptED” and you’ll know what I mean), the linguist in me decided to do an abridged version of my quarter-long university phonetics ...Read More

Best Friend Anniversary

The first day of class after vacation is always rough, particularly when your mind is still with all the Polish dumplings and medieval castles you experienced on one of the best trips ever. So I didn’t prepare much in terms of teaching on Monday, ...Read More

Intercepted Note

This week in class, I caught two 14-year-old girls exchanging a note. In an effort to feign some air of authority, I confiscated it, though I’ll admit I did so mainly because I was dying to remember what kind of messages I sent back ...Read More