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Let’s Eat Grandpa

I’m easing back into posting. I don’t know why I took such a long hiatus, but I would like to make my re-entry into the blogging universe with this cheeky image: I’m planning on teaching English abroad in Spain (Hopefully! Hold out on your ...Read More

Some Fun with Semantics

Here’s another fun post that has been circulating the web. I’m not sure of the original source since it’s all over the place, but enjoy reading it here until I am forced to take this blog down for improper citing! “No English dictionary has ...Read More

The Great Typo Hunt

I just finished reading the book “The Great Typo Hunt,” in which two guys take a three-month road trip all over the U.S. in order to correct any typo they saw, both on public and private property. The book shouldn’t win a Pulitzer Prize ...Read More

The Ultimate Linguistic Challenge

This past June while visiting my friend Kaila in Germany, we played a fun linguistic challenge–an experiment of sorts–while cooking dinner. Kaila is half German and half Norwegian; Miles, her roommate, is half German and half Greek; and I am full American but a ...Read More

Lexically Inept

I would really like to be a writer, maybe for magazines or newspapers or press releases or even books, but I often get discouraged by my relatively small vocabulary. Maybe it’s because I re-read Harry Potter too many times instead of moving on to ...Read More