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Dirty Minds and a Big Clock

I was working with a class of 15-year-old boys on the grammar have/haven’t got and has/hasn’t got (à la Brit, as per usual). The textbook showed six photos and it was the students’ job to describe what the person had in each. Thick book: ...Read More

Would You Rather

I’ve been playing “Would You Rather?” with my middle-schoolers, to break up the monotony of textbook-learning (and, let’s be honest, because it requires no preparation). It has been supremely entertaining. Here were some of the questions and common responses: Would you rather eat a ...Read More

The Importance of Pronunciation

After hearing from my students one too many times, “Jenny, do you live on the bitch in California?” I’ve decided to focus on teaching correct English (well, West-Coast American English, anyway) pronunciation. It started easily enough–I showed them how to stretch their cheeks far ...Read More